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Posted by / 30-Jun-2017 12:42

Incidentally, I have the same sheduled task running on my W7 32 bit machine and it works OK.during further investigation, I read the following here.The windows time service was started successfully" msg.[SC] Start Service FAILED 1058: The service cannot be started because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

That would seem to do the trick, but how can I get it re-started? Internet Speed ADSL2 @14Mbps downstream & Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet Antivirus NOD32 Browser Opera Other Info Silicon Dust HD Homerun Dual FTA (Ethernet) TV Tuners, Dray Tek Vigor 2850Vn router and 8x HP Gigabit Switch.

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It seems like command 1 worked, but the rest didn't.

So has command 1 borked it, and how can Ire-enable it?

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