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We’ll start off by writing a very simple form to familiarize ourselves with the syntax. Finally, for our third form, we’ll do some fun stuff with validation.It’s only fitting to call this component import from '@angular/platform-browser'; import from '@angular/core'; // By default, the app generated by ng init will include the Forms Module, here we’re requiring the Reactive Forms Module as well import from '@angular/forms'; import from '@angular/http'; import from './app.component'; // Include the three components we created import from './app.simpleform'; import from './app.complexform'; import from './app.formvalidation'; @Ng Module() export class App Module flag on the first name and last name attributes.We will setup our application with the Angular CLI.If you don’t already have the CLI installed, run and you will see a message saying “app works! Next, let’s scaffold out the different forms we’ll be writing. Inside this file, just add a placeholder message for now.When we have a suggestion for a common typos, we’ll return it along with invalid status, so you can offer the suggestion to your user. It’s how we capture user input and make our applications useful.You will need to enter values here to be able to submit the form. If you are writing simple Angular 2 forms, this approach may be suitable.

This API consists of a set of methods and properties available on each form element.

Angular 2.x aims to make the creation and validation of forms simple, intuitive, and manageable.

Pretty ambitious goals, but with the breadth of knowledge the team has from building Angular 1.x, I think Angular 2 forms can live up to these expectations.

For a long time, forms have been difficult to get right.

Angular 1.x made it a little easier, but came with its own set of issues and challenges, and some features like sane validation didn’t come until the framework was well into it’s 5th year.

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One of the features of HTML5 is the ability to validate most user data without relying on scripts.

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