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I ask Karen and Arthur if they'll still be happy to be called "former Doctor Who assistants" when their careers have taken them far away from Cardiff and Steven Moffat. "I wouldn't mind because I quite like conventions," says Karen.

"I don't understand how people could complain about meeting all the people who enjoy what you do. I met Brent Spiner who plays Data from Star Trek …" Arthur adds: "…

Someone that you look up to so much and have obsessed about, so it's more than just fancying him." Arthur says this actually made it harder for Rory, because the other man wasn't just a bit of a looker. Arthur's favourite episode is, he says, The Pandorica Opens because he gets to play a Roman centurion robot with a gun in his finger. Two years doing the time-warp does funny things to a person.

"I felt like I was filming Indiana Jones," he enthuses. " But weren't you just a big space gooseberry, I ask him. When we first caught up with this trans-dimensional Mr & Mrs in the current series they were on the brink of divorce.

There were paparazzi following us around which never happens over there.

When we got to Central Park there were just hundreds and hundreds of people." Arthur nods, looking off into the distance, gently yeah-ing.

As soon as the photographer starts clicking, the pair swing into action. It was April 2010 when the Doctor first crash-landed his Tardis in Amelia Pond's back garden but it seems like longer ago, probably because so much has been packed into the two-and-a-half years since (and also because time has no meaning in Steven Moffat's infuriatingly fluid universe).

"People were like [American accent] 'Sign my Tardis!

' We just thought, 'This is never going to happen again so we should enjoy it.'" They wrapped filming in New York a couple of months ago and dived straight into the pile of job offers awaiting them.

It's everything I've ever wanted." "But the last time we went there something had changed," continues Karen.

"People were coming up to us on the street the whole time saying they loved the show.

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They both chew gum as they pore over piles of discs, Arthur next picking out a Richard Hawley single. They burst into our photographer's studio half-an-hour late, emitting a first-coffee-of-the-morning buzz.

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