Dating traits

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Dating traits

But in my experience doing ethnographic work with Latino families I have witness the positive effects of music, dancing, and laughter.

The Latino tendency to have fun is a very strong antidote to the disease ridden stress and negativity that often permeates our American society.

While Hispanics may not be as much into exercise and physical fitness as their non-Hispanic counterparts; most Latinos exercise more than non-Hispanics because they are more likely to work in blue collar jobs that require them to be physically fit.

One of the characteristics that is generally shared by all Latino sub-groups is something that Hispanics call “chispa” or Latino wit. Latino gatherings always include music, storytelling, joking, dancing, and tons of laughter.

My paternal grandmother is a great example of a wonderful person who knew the importance of taking it easy.The idea of moving to a retirement community is foreign and uncanny to most Hispanics.In my interviews with Latino seniors I often hear comments like: “Why would anyone want to move away from the family to live with other old people?When it comes to retirement, Hispanics and non-Hispanics have very different points of view.Most Hispanics feel that their purpose in retirement is to help their family in any way they can.

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