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Dating kingman

"Maybe not of any help in identifying the nose with the text "Surinaamse Overzeese Luchtdienst", but the enclosed pictures could possibly be of interest anyway... It seems that this DC-3 9Y-TDY survives anno 2009 at a Guyana airport!

Pictured is DC-6A c/n 44259 PJ-CLG at Miami on 16 October 1975; left side of the aircraft was in C. : It was posted by 'noizeedave' on the (WIX, topic) forum 01Jun09, initially identified as 9Y-TGY, but corrected 'she is 9Y-TDY (c/n 19759). The exact same tail numbers and letter are faintly visible still.' The location is Georgetown, Cheddi Jagan Int'l Airport, Guyana.

Frits included some Martinair light aircraft too and since I have a history with this company (albeit with the airline, not the flight academy at Lelystad), I decided to include them.

They are also a signature to Frits' interest in aviation.

However, the closure date has been extended twice and is currently set for late-Spring.

Whether the airfield will be reprieved or the Catalina will be restored to airworthy condition once more and flown out remains to be seen." My page Photos by Friends & Guests (42) has an update on its 07Mar15 arrival in Florida.

In April 1976 it went to Bellomy-Lawson Aviation, registered as N6259C, 06May77." TAHS' offers the additional info: 'delivered to Pan American World Aws May 1954 as N6259C and bought by Ariana Afghan Word Airways in April 1960 to become YA-DAN. From Bellomy-Lawson Aviation it went in Feb.78 to Aggie Aircraft Corp.

I visited Bali and the Gili Islands off Lombok with my family in the summer of 2013.

Especially loved the terraced rice fields outside of Ubud and the crystal clear waters of the Gili Islands.

It was destroyed, at some point in time, at Carmelita, Guatamala. ( wrote about PZ-TLC: "I flew this aircraft in Zanderij from 25/10/1972 till 04/04/1973 for KLM AEROCARTA and logged a total of 1 in 53 missions." A buddy of Frits in the tropical heat..

Douglas DC-6 or DC-7 of the Surinaamse Overzeese Luchtdienst (Surinam Overseas Airservice) Fernand van de Plas suggested the following identity: "PZ-CLG Douglas DC-6A (c/n 44259).

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Frits sent me some photo negatives and slides from his conscription period in Surinam, 1973 - 1974.

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